Variety of NikooTanpoosh products

NikooTanpoosh products are classified into three main categories of underwear, casual clothes, and socks for different age groups of men, women, children and teenage boys and girls. This variety is resulted from the activities of educated and skilled designers. So far, more than one thousand models of clothing have been produced using more than fifty kinds of cloths in different colors. Considering that the young are interested in casual clothes because of more harmony with the world's latest designs in relation to color and style, the company has added young and experienced designers to its design unit and tried to satisfy the demands of the young for styles, colors, and designs in the best way.

Why NikooTanpoosh?

The main priority of our colleagues in different units of designing, weaving, dyeing, printing, sewing, and quality control has been maintaining customers’ health and comfort considering our country's climate and weather conditions. We believe that the most important capital of NikooTanpoosh company is the trust in our brand that has been built during years, thus we have always been trying to cause NikooTanpoosh product quality and services to be worthy of your trust. With regard to the rapid process of changes of market, products, and customers’ demands in the recent years, NikooTanpoosh Company has coordinated with this process of changes. Therefore, we think that our responsibility is far beyond manufacturing high quality products. We are responsible to our customers for easy identification of their demands for different underwear and casual clothes and satisfying them in the best way so that in the first step their health is protected by using the raw materials compatible with skin and then their demands are satisfied through designing and producing clothing, method of distributing them, store services, and systems of communication with customers in compliance with international standards of clothing production. 

Desirability of products

Considering that the majority of Nikoo Tanpoosh products have contact with skin, the cloths are made from high quality and anti-allergic raw materials. These cloths are dyed using modern equipment and colors compatible with skin and then used in cut and sewing steps.test

Easy payment

Nikoo Tanpoosh has provided the customers with various payment methods. The customers could choose online payment, cash payment in the store, or payment in the store using POS system so that our colleagues can take necessary actions based on the method you have chosen.


We bear the responsibility for protecting the environment. Therefore, by optimal use of energy and premier technology in production process, we try to manufacture the products compatible with the environment. We also attempt to produce less trash in order to avoid harm to the environment.

Say whatever in your heart

We are extremely interested in knowing your comments related to everything about the product quality, design, color, and services of Nikoo Tanpoosh. It should be mentioned that the company will send some gifts as memorials to the customers for their useful suggestions and constructive criticisms causing the promotion of quality level of products and services of Nikoo Tanpoosh.

New products

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